Cooking habits preventing weight loss

Cooking habits preventing weight loss
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Cooking at home is one of the easiest ways to control your weight, because only then you know very well what you are eating.

But have you ever considered the fact that even slightest cooking error could eventually turn into extra pounds on your body? Here are 5 most common cooking mistakes that can turn even the healthiest dish into a real calorie bomb:

You are using the wrong oil

Do not presume that olive oil is perfect for salads and baked dishes. You won‘t be wrong adding olive oil to your favorite salads, but you shouldn‘t use olive oil for frying, this is completely inappropriate use of olive oil.

In high temperatures olive oil starts to burn and produces a lot of food toxins, free radicals and even trans fats, which are extremely harmful to the human body. Trans-fats increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and and diabetes, as well as the risk of obesity.

It is recommend to use of sunflower, grape-seed or coconut oils for fying, and olive or walnut oils flavouring salads.

Your portions are too big

You think you can eat as much as your other half? Do not overdo it preparing food, even if you think you are very hungry. Before sitting at the table, drink a glass of water – this will reduce your appetite, and get up from the table before filling your stomach to the full – after all, a feeling of fullness comes at least 15 minutes after eating.

Baking meat on the oven tray

If you want oven baked meat not to absorb too much fat, rather cook it on the grill or grill pan – that way the meat will be cooked evenly and won‘t lie in fat. The same advice applies to all dishes prepared in the oven.

Using ready made spice blends

Various spice blends are-full of impurities that are harmful for the body, you can avoid them by using herbs when preparing the food. Use of herbs is beneficial to your health because they are rich in various vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health.

Using too much oil

When cooking food, be sure to use nonstick frying pans, this allows to use much less oil, pour only as much as is necessary to prevent the meat from burning. Not sure how much oil will be sufficient? Use spray bottle – this way you will definitely not overdo it.

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