Banana Torte

Banana Torte
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1 box graham cracker crumbs
4 tablespoons melted butter
1/2 lb butter
3 eggs
2 cups icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
8 -10 large bananas, sliced thin
1 container Cool Whip

Combine crumbs with melted butter.
Pat into bottom of large rectangular baking dish.
Place in fridge.
Let stand one hour.
Using electric mixer,beat butter with eggs, icing sugar and vanilla for 10-15 minutes until it looks like a frosting.
Spread on top of graham crust.
Placed sliced bananas over the top of creamed mixture.
Then spread cool whip over bananas.
Place in fridge, let stand at least four hours before cutting into squares and serving.

Servings: 12-15

Time preparation: 75 min.

Time total: 80 min.

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