We are well aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what you do not know about breakfast, can add extra weight.

We will reveal 15 things you should know about the main meal of the day.

1. Think before eating. Work colleagues bring snacks to work, so all the office can become a true calorie trap. Before snacking, take a deep breath and think about your health. What's better: enjoying the taste of cupcake or achieving your goal - losing unwanted pounds?

2. Drinking the juice. You may think that a glass of orange juice is a great start of the day, but juice sold in stores usually come with a lot of sugar. Healthy orange juice will be those that you juice from the orange yourself. It's even better to drink a glass of water and eat the same orange. Whole fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber providing the feeling of satiety and helping to tame the hunger until lunch.

3. Eat healthy breakfast. Remember it is best to say "no" to pancakes and waffles, especially if they are eaten with syrup, which has a lot of sugar. Better eat wholegrain cereals or toast. Little or no fat yogurt or egg whites will be a great source of protein. You will feel less hungry for longer.

4. Do not succumb to temptation. Breakfast cakes are delicious, but it is better to avoid this kind of food in the morning. Cornflakes with a lot of sugar, cakes, bagels and muffins can be tempting treats, but these foods only will raise your blood sugar quickly and it will drop as quickly, and soon you will feel hunger and lack of energy.

5. Do not give up coffee. Even if you are following a healthier diet, there is no need to delete coffee from your menu. Of course, if you are allergic to caffeine or have other problems, it is better not to drink it. However, coffee is delicious and natural way to improve mood and brain function. Remember, if you need more than one cup of morning coffee, you probably lack of sleep. Coffee cannot replace good quality rest.

6. Be careful with what you add to your coffee: sugar, syrup, cream or some seasonings can make such a cup of coffee a real calorie bomb. And if you drink coffee every day, the calories will accumulate where you do not need them. Gradually reduce the amount of fat and sugar, try enjoying the most natural black coffee in the morning.

7. Prepare for hunger attacks. If every morning you are in a hurry to work and forget to eat breakfast, buy healthy snacks. Planning is the path to a healthy diet. It is very helpful to have a healthy, sugar-free snacks in your office drawer or refrigerator.

8. Stick to one portion regimen. A great way to prepare your body and mind for the whole day is to eat low-fat protein, fruits or vegetables, wholegrain bread or cereal for breakfast. However, one should make sure that your breakfast calories fit into your all day calorie norm.

9. Remember to add snacks to your menu. Even if peanuts have a lot of calories, a handful of this delicacy will give your body the protein and fiber, which give you a feeling of satiety for longer than a donut. If you can, go to the nearest store and buy a low-fat yogurt, cheese sticks, fruit or protein snack bar.

10. Be prepared for buffet. You can have a nourishing meal without blindly stuffing your stomach over the weekend lunch. When eating at the self service buffet, avoid such snacks as muffins, fruit cocktails and sweets. Start with eggs, lean meats, salmon, vegetables or fruit.

11. We all know the popular saying: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor man. Keep in mind this expression throughout the day and you will quickly get rid of unnecessary pounds.

12. Do not rely on cereal bars. Granola and cereal bars can serve as a snack for people in hurry, but most of these snacks have as many calories as a dessert. Promoted granola bars are well disguised oatmeal cookies with a lot more sugar than you really need. A much better choice is a wholegrain bread and a bit of peanut butter. Prepare a few such sandwiches, keep one at home and another at work.

13. Watch out for cocktails. If you have breakfast early in the morning or just before lunch, remember that the first meal of the day should feed you, not add empty calories. And do not drink alcohol! 30 ml vodka cocktail will add another 100 calories.

14. Breakfast is a must! Even if you get up still feeling full from yesterday's dinner, snack on something in the morning. Digestive system burdened by heavy evening meal can interfere with sleep. However, if sometimes you let yourself enjoy a hearty dinner, and still feel full in the morning, remember that you didn't eat before going to bed. Skipping main meals slower metabolism. Eat at least a slice of wholegrain bread and drink hot tea, or eat a low-fat yogurt with a few apple slices.

15. Drink water. It is very useful to include a glass of water into a breakfast menu. This will help to hydrate the body and provide a longer feeling of satiety.

Based on health expert Dr. Lisa Davis