Terms & Conditions

1. ChampsDiet.com activities and activities rules

1.1. These participation on ChampsDiet.com website rules set conditions of diet meal plans purchase on website ChampsDiet.com and their use, and ChampsDiet.com users rights, duties and responsibilities. The rules are binding on all ChampsDiet.com users.
1.2. Activity participant expresses his agreement with ChampsDiet.com Rules and commit to adhere to them when in any way and form using the Web site ChampsDiet.com. Persons who do not agree with at least one of the rules, have no right to become ChampsDiet.com users.
1.3. ChampsDiet.com activity is related to the sales of diet meal plans. ChampsDiet.com activity participant is the person who purchased the diet or is willing to view other information on ChampsDiet.com website.

2. ChampsDiet.com services

ChampsDiet.com users (both natural and legal persons) can use the following services:

a) Purchase diet meal plans (available only for registered users).
b) Ask a question nutrition and sports professionals.
c) Read articles on ChampsDiet.com website and comment them.
d) View videos on ChampsDiet.com website.

Diet ordering service prices are quoted in the diet ordering environment. ChampsDiet.com has the right to unilaterally change prices of the services provided on the web site, tax free services.

3. How to become a member of ChampsDiet.com website

If you wish to become a member of ChampsDiet.com you must be 18 years or older. When filling out personal details, make sure that the form is filled completely and specified details are correct.

4. Consequences of rule infringement

If the same activity participant violates rules for the second time, ChampsDiet.com has the right to prohibit him from taking part in ChampsDiet.com activities without prior notice.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 ChampsDiet.com does not guarantee that the diet user will be able to gain or lose the desired amount of kilograms.
5.2 ChampsDiet.com is not responsible for ChampsDiet.com activity failure or losses of activity participants or third parties caused by technical difficulties or other events beyond ChampsDiet.com control, which ChapsDiet.com can neither influence nor can carry on ChampsDiet.com activities.
5.3 No refunds are carried out for purchased diet meal plans, which did not meet buyer’s expectations.

6. Information about data protection

6.1 Activity participant agrees to these rules and declares that he / she shall submit their data to ChampsDiet.com voluntarily and agrees that his / her data submitted will be retained on ChampsDiet.com database indefinitely.
6.2 The User agrees that when registering or logging in to the system, it will register the user's computer IP address and login to the system date and time.
6.3 User agrees that his submitted contact data is used for promotional purposes by sending him a wide range of information.

7. Copyright

ChampsDiet.com has all the rights to the content of website at ChampsDiet.com and is ChampsDiet.com database owner, and has exclusive rights to its use. Any website at ChampsDiet.com content modification, processing, copying by third parties carried out without written ChampsDiet.com permission, draws copyright infringement liability under the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Denmark.

8. Change of conditions

ChampsDiet.com has the right to partially or completely change the rules. If you participate in ChampsDiet.com activities after changes are carried out, it will mean that you agree to them.

9. Applicable law

ChampsDiet.com activities are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark. Any disputes arising from ChampsDiet.com activity or related to it, will be resolved through negotiations, and if the dispute is not settled amicably, shall be settled by the Kingdom of Denmark law.