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The US healthy eating community is pleased to invite you to participate as our online advertiser. Advertising on our website is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your products and services. It is an excellent way to increase your company’s online exposure! media data (2022):

  • 37,000 monthly visits;
  • 52,000 monthly page views;
  • Sessions by devices – mobile (77.9%), desktop (17.2%), tablet (4.9%);
  • Visitors accessing our website are from – United States (65 %), United Kingdom (18 %), Canada (6%), Ireland (4%), Australia (3%) etc.

Our visitors interests (reach):

  • Food & Dining/Cooking Enthusiasts/30 Minute Chefs;
  • Lifestyles & Hobbies/Pet Lovers;
  • Shoppers/Value Shoppers;
  • Home & Garden/Do-It-Yourselfers;
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  • Food & Dining/Foodies;
  • Lifestyles & Hobbies/Family-Focused;
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Advertisers receive our most prominent placement on the website. Your company has a choice of having the banner ad on the home page and each recipe, article page. We offer to become a part of what is seen by our visitors each time they visit

Banner advertising:

  • Banner size for desktop users: 970 x 250 (pixels), or similar in JPG, PNG, GIF, or other rich media format.
  • Banner size for mobile users: 300 x 250 (pixels) or similar in JPG, PNG, GIF, or other rich media format.
  • Targeting can be optional by ad unit placement, geography, and device (desktop, mobile, or tablet).
  • Advertising cost is calculated based on a cost-per-thousand-impressions basis (CPM).

For advertising on our website, please email us at [email protected] for more information.